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What is Piksi?

Piksi is a high precision GPS receiver hardware platform with open-source firmware and hardware, implementing real-time kinematic (RTK) technology.

How do I use Piksi?

If you have Piksi, here are the basic steps to basic get it up and running.

Piksi Community Forum Feed

Re: survey station data

Sam I would recommend you added something logical in that field. If your SPP is off by more than 15 km (I think) from the given position, you will get a miss-match error. Leaving it as 0,0,0 or som...

rai gohalwar | September 21, 4:49 PM UTC

Re: survey station data

Thanks Rai, that's what I thought. In a particular instance I was getting a larger variance than 1cm when it was in RTK mode and I was curious to know if by leaving the station as zero or putti...

Sam | September 21, 1:39 PM UTC

Re: Drone violent sprinting

Boris, 1.5 years ago when I was doing research on this very topic, my team had a hard rule of not testing in gusts over 15 k/hr. Since we were trying to hover within 15cm radius of a marked peg on...

rai gohalwar | September 21, 7:03 AM UTC