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What is Piksi?

Piksi is a high precision GPS receiver hardware platform with open-source firmware and hardware, implementing real-time kinematic (RTK) technology.

How do I use Piksi?

If you have Piksi, here are the basic steps to basic get it up and running.

Piksi Community Forum Feed

Re: Piksi with Pixhawk 2

I believe the Piksi's UART B is connected to GPS 2 in Pixhawk 2 In the case, should I follow the same parameters as that of Solo Correct me if I am wrong On the Solo, the Piksi is connected to...

Francis Dominic | December 5, 3:00 AM UTC

Re: Introducing Piksi Multi

Did you see this Russian receiver? 24 dual-frequency GPS/GLONASS channels in a much less Xilinx FPGA (very probable). No RTK, but raw phases seems to be com...

gnss-dev | December 3, 1:07 PM UTC

Re: Introducing Piksi Multi

In fact, 14 channels are almost always enough to receive all GPS satellites in view. On Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 11:21:53 PM UTC+4, Big Al! wrote: > > An easy one.... how many channels w...

gnss-dev | December 3, 12:55 PM UTC