This wiki documents Piksi v2.3.1 which was discontinued April 1st, 2017.
Visit for newer products including Piksi Multi.

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Swift Navigation Support Portal

For support of Piksi Multi and other new products open Swift Navigation Support Portal at

Information retained on this Wiki is applicable only to the Piksi v2.3.1 receiver.

What is Piksi?

Piksi is a high precision GPS receiver hardware platform with open-source firmware and hardware, implementing real-time kinematic (RTK) technology.

How do I use Piksi?

If you have Piksi, here are the basic steps to basic get it up and running.

Piksi Community Forum Feed

Re: Effective range

Low/Zero effort testing with LoRa 915MHz (5dB antenna, 14dBm/25mW tx power) I have 3000ft (915m), and can maintain RTK Fixed driving around the local industrial park. With better antenna placement...

Clive Turvey | August 22, 6:47 PM UTC

Post Processing RINEX Files to Generate a Trajectory

I am using the Swift Multi Starter Kit and I'm having trouble creating a trajectory with quality of 1 (fixed points) using RTKPOST. The Swift console is showing that the Rover is receiving Fixe...

Nathan Hubbard | August 17, 9:29 PM UTC

Effective range

Hi, I would like to known the effective communication range (in "line-of-sight" or close to) that everyone already have experienced. Please describe your hardware (Antennas, Frequency, RF...

Mike | August 11, 8:39 AM UTC