This wiki documents Piksi v2.3.1 which was discontinued April 1st, 2017.
Visit for newer products including Piksi Multi.

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What is Piksi?

Piksi is a high precision GPS receiver hardware platform with open-source firmware and hardware, implementing real-time kinematic (RTK) technology.

How do I use Piksi?

If you have Piksi, here are the basic steps to basic get it up and running.

Piksi Community Forum Feed

John Deere "Open Architecture" control

Hello all, new here so a little background. Have some electronic background although somewhat limited, always ready for a challenge. I currently have a JD 850K Dozer that according to JD will accep...

Joel Graber | December 10, 1:01 PM UTC

Re: Duro Inertial Position Accuracy

Dear Steve, You'll notice on the product summary that we included a table of drop-out times vs position accuracy on page 2 to address this very question:

Dennis Zollo | December 7, 4:54 PM UTC

Duro Inertial Position Accuracy

Hi, Does Duro Inertial still maintain RTK centimeter-level accuracy during GNSS outage or in challenging environments? For how long will it maintain centimeter-level accuracy? Thank you, Steve

Steve Wells | December 5, 11:37 PM UTC