This wiki documents Piksi v2.3.1 which was discontinued April 1st, 2017.
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Alternate Radio Setup (Send SBP over UDP)

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Setup Overview

  1. Remove the dedicated Piksi radio modules.
  2. Use the Piksi console to forward observations from your ground station Piksi to your ground control station software (Mission Planner or MAVProxy)
  3. Use your ground control station to inject GPS messages to your vehicle
  4. Wait until your vehicle's Piksi reaches RTK lock: your ground station will report a GPS Fix of type "DGPS" for Float and "RTK" for integer fix.
  5. Fly!

Starting Ground Station Piksi

You only need to change anything on the ground station Piksi if you have moved the antenna since the last flight. If so, follow #Piksi (ground station) Setup.

  1. Connect your ground station Piksi to its ground station antenna.
  2. Plug the ground station Piksi into your ground station computer using a microUSB connector.
  3. Open the Piksi Console
    • Navigate to the "Advanced":"SBP Relay" tab.
    • Set the "Messages to Broadcast" to "Observations"
    • Set the IP address to "" (this is the default value)
    • Set the Port to 13320 (this is the default value)
    • Click "Start"
  4. The console is now forwarding observations over UDP which the ground station can inject onto the main telemetry stream. Keep the console running for the duration of your flight!
    • Note, there is alternatively a command line tool to broadcast SBP over UDP which is part of the Piksi_tools repository. Please see [the file on github] for more info.


Configuring the Radios

The telemetry radio pair must be configured in order to use this method

  1. Open Mission Planner and locate "Initial Setup" tab
  2. Under SiK radio setup, edit the settings
    • "Mavlink" must be set to "Raw Data" and ECC must be turned off
  3. Save settings to BOTH radios

Telem radio setup.png

Mission Planner (Windows only)

It is necessary to configure your ground control software to receive packets from Piksi Console and inject into the serial stream. Mission Planner has this capability with the instructions below provided it is version 1.3.29 or later.

  1. Start Mission Planner
  2. Connect to your vehicle as normal.
  3. Hit Ctrl-F to access the experimental mission planner features:
    MP experimental mission planner.png
  4. Click the Inject GPS button
    Gps inject.png
  5. Select "UDP Host" in the upper drop-down
  6. Click Start
  7. In the ensuing pop-up window, choose the default port (13320)
  8. Listen port.png
  9. You should see the "waiting for UDP packet" message briefly. This window will go away if the Piksi console UDP client is sending UDP packets.<\li>

    MAVProxy (Windows, Linux and OS X)

    1. Run MAVProxy and connect to the flight controller
      • In terminal this command will connect to the solo " --master"
    2. Start DGPS module
      • use this command to start injecting the data into the serial stream "module load DGPS"