This wiki documents Piksi v2.3.1 which was discontinued April 1st, 2017.
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This page answers some of the most common questions we receive here at Swift Navigation.

Contact Us

Do your products ship to... ?

Our products ship anywhere in the world; all shipments outside the United States use FedEx International Priority, and prices can be found on the Swift Navigation webstore.

Some countries have stricter customs departments than others, so be sure to check with your local FedEx or customs office to determine the exact amount of the import duties and taxes that your shipment will incur upon import to your country. The Piksi RTK Kits can operate worldwide; more details on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

"Are your systems compatible with...?"

There are currently no supported turnkey solutions for integrations between Swift Navigation products and other companies' products. This includes UAV platforms, cameras for geo-tagging applications, PPS, robotics platforms, surveying equipment, and agricultural equipment. For the time-being, any integration projects will require client development work.

For questions regarding integration projects, please search the discussion forum here. Most integration topics have several active threads where you can read up on development obstacles and swap solutions with other builders.

Swift Navigation plans to release supported turnkey solutions for these various platforms as early as Q1 2016.

"Are your systems suitable for my application of...?"

RTK technology, from Swift Navigation or any other company, will not work indoors, underground or underwater.

Piksi RTK Kits are frequently used in applications such as: surveying and mapping, UAV, agricultural, robotics, digital media, virtual reality, and autonomous vehicles. As mentioned above, we do not currently provide direct support for these projects, but we have a discussion forum where you can chat with fellow users, and an Piksi Integration Tutorial here on the wiki. The Piksi RTK Kit is comprised largely of OEM components, so the list of systems that the technology can be integrated into is nearly limitless.

"What do I need to buy for my application of...?"

A single Piksi OEM Module by itself will be unable to produce high-accuracy RTK position solutions; a standard Piksi OEM Module by itself will only produce standard GPS accuracy of 3-5 meters.

If your application requires high accuracy RTK position solutions, you will need to purchase a Piksi RTK Kit. There are two versions of the Piksi RTK Kit: the 433MHz version, and the 915MHz version. The performance of the two versions is identical - many governments simply require an amateur radio license to operate one frequency or the other, so please check with your local laws and regulations prior to purchasing. In general, clients from the following locations typically purchase as such:

"What are your product specifications? Can it do x, y, and z?"

Please reference the Piksi datasheet and the Frequently Asked Questions page for system performance. But briefly: 2-4cm horizontal accuracy, 10-12cm vertical accuracy, max distance between units is 3km with stock radios, 20km with upgraded radios (not supplied by Swift Navigation).

If you have questions that you don't see answered here, please head to the Contact page on the main website. Thank you!