This wiki documents Piksi v2.3.1 which was discontinued April 1st, 2017.
Visit for newer products including Piksi Multi.

How do I order a Piksi?

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To order a Piksi, please visit our online webstore.

Which Piksi RTK Kit should I order?

You'll notice that there are two different Piksi RTK Kits: the 433MHz version and the 915MHz version. This is because many local governments require an amateur radio license to operate one frequency or the other. To check which version is appropriate for you, please contact your local government. There is zero difference in performance between the two versions.

Generally, customers from the following areas order as such:

Australia -   915MHz
South America -   915MHz
Canada -   915MHz
China -   433MHz
Europe -   433MHz
Scandinavia -   433MHz

How long will it take to receive my order?

Piksi RTK Kits typically ship within 5 business days of order placement. Domestic orders shipping within the US have several shipping options with varying travel times, and international shipments use FedEx International Priority shipping.

What countries will Piksi ship to?

Piksi RTK Kits are operational anywhere in the world, and our systems ship to any country besides those explicitly blocked by ITAR. Please note that your package will likely incur import duties and taxes upon arrival; please consult your local FedEx or import office to obtain exact amounts for these charges.

I'm a tax-exempt organization - how can I remove the tax from my order?

Good news: purchasers from outside of California will have no tax on their orders by default! If you are within California and need your sales tax removed, please contact us directly through the Contact Us page of our website.

I'm with an organization that cannot purchase with a credit card or PayPal

Not to worry! Please reach out to us via the Contact Us page and we will happily accommodate your needs.

I placed an order and have not received a follow-up. What's going on?

Please contact us directly via the Contact Us page.