This wiki documents Piksi v2.3.1 which was discontinued April 1st, 2017.
Visit for newer products including Piksi Multi.

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Piksi is a flexible, high-performance GPS receiver hardware platform with open-source firmware and board design.

User Guides
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Firmware Documentation
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Piksi Console
Piksi User Getting Started Guide: Piksi Console Software
Firmware GitHub page
Hardware Design
CAD Models
v2.3 (latest)
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Mailing lists
We welcome and encourage contributions from the community. Please read our Contributor Guidelines page for more information on contributing and submitting patches.


Peregrine is a fast and flexible open-source software GNSS receiver. It can be used as a standalone application to post-process GNSS data all the way to PVT solutions or from within IPython as a toolkit for GNSS data exploration.

Peregrine is written in Python for flexibility and ease of development and uses the libswiftnav C library for speed.

Official documentation
GitHub page


libswiftnav is a platform independent library of GNSS related functions.This library implements GNSS related functions and algorithms for use by software-defined GNSS receivers and other software.

It is intended to be as portable as possible and is written in standards compliant C with no dependancies other than the standard C libraries.

Official documentation
GitHub page


Python bindings to the libswiftnav GNSS library.

Official documentation
GitHub page


STM32F2xx speed notes

STM32F4xx porting and speed notes