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  • Our SBP documentation says that we are giving GPS time in milliseconds, but the CSV files are printing GPS time in microseconds. Is there an explanation for this discrepancy?

Andrew Review: clean up following sentence: Clicking the Record buttons in the Observations Tab will also log the raw GPS observations on your computer will log data in Receiver Independent Exchange Format (RINEX) 2.10 format for the Rover or the Base, depending on which button you click.


"OSX" versus "OS X" - both spellings appear in this guide.


  • Confirm: the baseline etc files are timestamped from the time that the files are started. Correct
  • Need a new drawing of NED diagram.
  • What is the Rover RINEX log file naming convention time, i.e. the last 6 digits? Looks like seconds from the start of recording observations.
    • This is the time at which the record button was fired: In this format: %Y%m%d-%H%M%S . So the last six digits are the local Hours, Minutes, and seconds
  • Is this accurate: "Baseline (CSV): RTK vectors, generated whenever you connect Piksi to the console and a Fixed solution is achieved;"?
    • Console writes logfile whenever fixed or float mode is achieved. It logs each SBP message to .csv without any filtering.
    • In general I think we should refer back to the SBP messages that are logged with each of the CSV files. Each line physically corresponds to an individual SBP messaeg of the following types.
      • The position .csv file logs eachBP_MSG_POS_LLH message
      • The velocity .csv file logs each SBP_MSG_VEL_NED
      • The baseline .csv file logs each SBP_MSG_BASELINE_NED